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Coastal Navigation for Small Boats

This course gives you the skills to effectively plot passages using charts, interpret weather, understand the Rules of the Road and much more. This course is not only for powerboaters but caters for sailing backgrounds and a general interest in navigation too

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Improving - Advanced / Refresher Course


The aim of this course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to safely navigate a boat by day and by night in coastal waters with which they are familiar. It is intended as preparation for;

  • Irish Sailing Intermediate Powerboat Certificate (open powerboats)

  • Irish Sailing Advanced Powerboat Certificate (open powerboats)

  • Irish Sailing Advanced Sailing Certificate (sailing dinghies, keelboats or catamarans).


​We run this course in a number of formats

  • 2 full days 

  • 4 evening modules with self study notes

  • 6 evening modules with self study notes


Kilrush Marina

What to bring

This is an entirely shore based theory based course. Participants should bring a pen and notepad. Participants may bring their own charts and navigation instruments if they wish to do so.

Equipment included

  • Charts, Navigation Aids and Instruments, Course Notes, Light refreshments

  • Each participant will receive an Irish Sailing course pack as well as our own notes. This includes Irish Sailing Training Charts and this is included in the course cost




Access to pre course material when booking is confirmed and deposit paid

No. of Persons on Course

12 participants to one instructor

NB: This course will only run with a minimum of 6 participants.


Irish Sailing - Coastal navigation for Small Boats


Click here to see syllabus

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