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Own Boat Tuition

Want to learn on your own boat? No problem. We can tailor a package to suit your needs whether that be for an hour or two to brush up on a specific skill or we can tailor one of our Irish Sailing accredited powerboat courses to suit your schedule and deliver for you on your boat

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Novice all the way to advanced


To deliver tuition that suits your requirements

Previous Knowledge

None assumed


Varies - Available on an appointment basis with a minimum two hour slot / Course duration as per Irish Sailing Powerboat Scheme if completing a tailored accredited course


Anywhere in Ireland. Contact us at for a bespoke arrangement

What to bring

Your boat! 

The vessel being used for tuition MUST hold the appropriate level of Marine Liability Insurance and MUST have the appropriate equipment and be serviceable prior to courses commencement.

Where a vessel does not meet these requirements, the course may not proceed.

Contact us at for specific requirements

Equipment included

We provide the course material and can supply lifejackets/bouyancy aids on request


Delivered on the clients boat


No pre-course requisites

No. of Persons on Course

Own boat tuition offers 1 -1 tuition. This is also available as a group offering (up to 3 people where certification is required / 4 people without certification.)


No accreditation unless requested. Where the customer wishes to endorse their one to one tuition and receive for example a National Powerboat Certificate, an Irish Sailing course outline will be followed. Under the accreditation guidelines, modules "should not be shorter than two hours or spread over any greater period than two weeks."


One to one tuition may be delivered under the following syllabi upon request:

  1. Introduction to Powerboating

  2. National Powerboat Certificate

Make an enquiry about a course

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